Kodiak Businesses Invest in Energy Audits

Six buildings owned by Kodiak business owners received energy audits during the week of July 24 as part of SWAMC’s USDA-funded low-cost energy audit program. Energy auditor Jim Fowler from Energy Audits of Alaska conducted the audits with outreach support from the Southwest Alaska Energy Network and Regional Energy Coordinator Tyler Kornelis from the Kodiak Area Native Association.

In the photo above, Energy Auditor Jim Fowler talks with Kodiak Island Borough Mayor and business owner, Dan Rohrer, during an energy audit of his business in Kodiak. Asked why he invested in an audit Dan Rohrer stated,

“An energy audit provides a way to find economic savings and environmental savings at the same time. SWAMC’s energy audit program made it affordable to do this with an auditor who was thorough and efficient. I am looking forward to the follow-up report and what retrofits can be done to make my buildings more energy efficient.”

Dan will receive the audit report in a few weeks with the auditor’s full assessment, recommendations, and cost estimates.

Energy audit reports show no-cost, low-cost, and medium-cost options for improving a building’s energy efficiency. These upgrade options serve as long-term investments in sustainability for a business, large or small. A more energy efficient building has reduced overall energy usage, increased resale value, improved comfort inside the building, and a lessened environmental impact. Plus, an energy audit can help uncover potential health issues like mold and inadequate air circulation.

To register or find out more about the audit program,
visit, or
call Jamie Hansen at (907) 450-2461.

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