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Offshore Wind Energy Resource Assessment for Alaska

The NREL recently released their assessment of offshore wind energy resource for Alaska.

The report can be found here: Offshore Wind Energy Resource Assessment for Alaska
The key findings of the report are:
1.  The technical analysis restricts the considered area based on mean wind speed at 100 m, bathymetry, and formation of sea ice, leading to technical capacity (technical
net energy) values of 2,974 GW (12,087 TWh/year), which are 54% (58%) lower than the starting gross estimates of 6,500 GW (28,954 TWh) . Even after all these filters are applied, the final results indicate a net energy potential for Alaska that is 68% higher than the equivalent value for all other U.S. states combined;
2. The final net energy potential of 12,087 TWh/year is substantially larger than the state’s annual consumption of 6.1 TWh/year and three times the  total U.S. consumption of approximately 3,711 TWh/year (U.S. EIA 2017c);
3. Despite identifying a high offshore wind energy potential for Alaska, this report makes no claims regarding the fea- sibility of offshore wind developments in the state;
4. An area of high capacity factor with low bathymetry and high wind speed that is relatively close to shore in the Railbelt energy region is identified as having potential;
5. Future work should carry out detailed cost  analyses to determine whether it is more viable to develop wind power on- or offshore in Alaska;
6. Lack of data impacted some of the analysis.

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