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Tribal Solar Accelerator Fund Announces Tribal Energy Innovation Fellowship

The Tribal Solar Accelerator Fund (TSAF) has announced a new program called the Tribal Energy Innovation Fellowship. This fellowship is for federally-recognized tribal members who are interested, invested, or engaged in work which supports renewable energy infrastructure and tribal energy capacity building in tribal communities. The TSAF will provide small grants and resources to federally recognized tribal members or tribal groups to support the development of innovative ideas and the use of problem-solving processes that lead to sustainable renewable energy solutions for a tribal community.

Tribal Energy Innovation Fellowship Objective(s): 

  1. To provide a modest fellowship award to plan and develop new solutions to tribal community renewable energy challenges. 
  2. To engage the tribal community, make the most of existing assets, and work collaboratively with other tribal organizations. 
  3. To learn from and be mentored by an industry professional on best practices in renewable energy for rural and underserved communities, business/enterprise models and planning, and other areas of technical support. 

Funding areas for the 2018-2021 period include:

  1. Matching Funds – to cover a tribe’s need for cost-share funding
  2. Tribal Facility Solar Project funding – focus on rooftop, carport, or ground-mount solar installations
  3. Tribal Residential Solar Projects – focus is on low-income single-family homes in tribal communities
  4. Tribal College and Universities (TCUs) Scholarships

For more information, see the Tribal Solar Accelerator Fund website.

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