Results – June Energy Survey

Thanks to everyone who responded to the June Energy Network Survey. We heard from a mixed group of network members – all were interested in doing energy efficiency upgrades to their home or business, and most had first-hand knowledge of other energy efficiency projects in their community. This information helps us as we put together plans to implement energy efficiency projects in regions and communities.

Here is what we asked and what we heard.

Please tell us why you’re interested in upgrades or not. What would make it worth your while to invest in energy efficiency?

For most, the interest in energy efficiency came from wanting to save money. To make it worthwhile, you want to see the reduction in energy use and the savings, which would cover the cost of the upgrades.

If you are interested in energy efficiency upgrades, has anything held you back from getting started? We’d like to hear about any barriers you are facing.

The most common response was the high upfront cost of making the energy efficiency upgrades, though a lack of contractors in the community able to do small projects was also mentioned.  Some respondents shared that they have made needed upgrades slowly as resources have been available.

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