Introducing your Regional Energy Coordinators

Updated December 10, 2019

A new Energy Support Network is now in place to assist SWAMC communities in moving forward on energy projects. Meet our new Regional Energy Coordinators for the Aleutians, Bristol Bay, and Kodiak regions and learn about the new Technical Assistance Panel.

The Regional Energy Coordinator and primary contact for all energy issues for the Kodiak region is Tyler Kornelis, Project Manager, Kodiak Area Native Association (KANA). He, and likely some assistants at KANA, will work directly with you to provide energy planning assistance, gather building and energy use data, alert you to funding opportunities, and identify workshop and training needs. To contact Tyler, send him an email at, or give him a call at (907) 486-1393.

In addition, a Technical Assistance Panel is being created. This is a panel of consultants and renewable energy experts who have been brought on board to provide project-specific technical assistance. The panel is made up of Peter Crimp, Crimp Energy Consulting; Connie Fredenberg, Utility Management Assistance; Douglas Vaught, PE, V3 Energy; Jim Fowler, PE, CEM, Energy Audits of Alaska; Dr. Brian Hirsch, Deerstone Consulting; and John Lyons, TDX Power. Communication with the individuals on the panel will occur via the Regional Energy Coordinator.

This new Energy Support Network has been made possible through the Department of Energy (DOE) Inter-Tribal Technical Assistance Energy Providers’ Network grant that SWAMC has been awarded. This means we have funding through 2019 to continue working with the Aleutians, Bristol Bay, and Kodiak regions to develop your energy projects, collect building information to help with efficiency upgrades, connect you with sources of funding, and build capacity in Southwest Alaska! We hope to expand our Energy Program to serve small businesses across Alaska* in 2020.

Laura Vaught, SWAMC, will be the project manager overseeing this new grant. Laura is also the Multi-Region Energy Coordinator, focusing on overall project direction – managing data, sharing technical and financial resources and opportunities, and ensuring we fulfill our reporting requirements to DOE. Laura will also fill in as needed to support the regional energy coordinators and connect them with the technical expertise available through this project.


*Does not include the Municipality of Anchorage

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