Nearing Anniversary of ACEP Funded Paper: “Technology and Cost Reviews for Renewable Energy in Alaska”

It’s been nearly a year since the Alaska Center for Energy and Power (ACEP) funded paper “Technology and Cost Reviews for Renewable Energy in Alaska: Sharing our Experience and Know-How” was first published.  The article looks at the technology surrounding renewable energy systems in rural Alaska. The detailed report examines micro grids in more than 200 remote communities with technology and cost reviews of wind power, energy storage, diesel engine, biomass, solar photovoltaic, heat pump, and organic Rankine cycle technologies in Alaska

The paper states that a reduction in the cost of energy is often the driving force in renewable energy implementation. Climate change is also an influential factor. Its effects are seen to come with both disadvantages and potential local advantages, such as the formation of an eventual deep port at the Arctic Circle.

The article was published in the “Journal of Renewable and Sustainable Energy” and offers an in-depth look at specific communities, often by name. It remains a valuable resource for those interested in the evolving landscape of renewable energy in remote Alaska or anyone considering the resiliency of micro-grids. You can find it here.

SWAMC is assisting communities with renewable energy projects throughout Alaska. You can see a list of ongoing projects here and consider our technical assistance panel here.

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