Local Interview on Energy Audit Program in Unalaska



Listen to Jamie Hansen and energy auditor Jim Fowler talk about SWAMC’s energy audit program through a radio interview with KUCB 89.7’s morning show. Southwest Alaska Municipal Conference’s (SWAMC) region wide energy efficiency initiative is bringing low-cost energy audits to Unalaska the week of October 22nd with seven buildings being audited by Jim Fowler, an auditor with Energy Audits of Alaska.

This low-cost commercial building energy audit program is coming to Unalaska for the first time! Through the support and success of the first round of audits we have begun to sign up new businesses for a second round being planned for early next year.

A building energy audit is the first step to assess how much energy is being consumed, reveal usage patterns, and make business owners aware of the costs of their overall energy use. Energy audits will provide business owners with reports that show no cost, low cost, and medium cost options for improving a building’s efficiency and lowering costs. Options that positively impact the bottom line while creating a long-term investment in sustainability can help create progress for any business large or small! A more energy efficient building can reduce the overall energy bill, increase the resale value, improve comfort inside the building, uncover potential health issues, and help improve the environmental impact of the building.

The first round of low-cost commercial building energy audits is being planned in Unalaska for the week of October 22nd with hopes to facilitate more businesses towards energy efficiency. Small for-profit businesses eligible for this program includes lodges, restaurants, stores, office buildings, multi-family residences, and fishing vessels. Audit costs range from $150 to $3,000 depending on the type of audit, size of building, and complexity of systems. If a building owner knows of a specific system (heating, building envelope, refrigeration, etc) that needs work, then more targeted audits are available. Business owners who invest in the audit may also be eligible for a grant that covers 25% of the retrofit cost for a small business.

For more information on the audit program, who is eligible, and how to sign-up; email, visit the website at, or call Jamie Hansen at 907-450-2461.

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