Igiugig Village Council Wins Department of Energy Innovation Grant

The Igiugig Village Council and it’s partner the Ocean Renewable Power Company (ORPC) were recently awarded a U.S. Department of Energy marine energy innovation grant. The 2.3 million dollar grant will enable the Igiugig Village Council and ORPC to update the design and features of the RivGen® Power System currently in place. With this upgrade, Igiugig moves closer to the goal of diesel-free power.

The floating marine craft in the Kvichak River has been in the water since 2014. The device uses turbines to generate power from the river as the water rushes over them. The grant is from the Department of Energy and is part of a larger award to support scientific breakthroughs and advancement in water-based renewable energy.

The RivGen® Power System generates emission-free electricity from river currents and connects directly into existing remote community grids using smart grid technology. It consists of three major subsystems: shore-side power electronics, a mooring system, and a turbine generator device.

In 2014, ORPC built and operated its RivGen® Power System, the Company’s first river energy project, in the village of Igiugig. After a previous set of improvements in 2015, the craft provides one-third of the community’s electricity needs, significantly offsetting their diesel fuel use.

Congratulations to the Igiugig Village Council and the Ocean Renewable Power Company!

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