Meetings & Workshops

Energy Workshop

Tuesday, February 28, 2017, Hotel Captain Cook Ballroom, Anchorage, AK


8:00  Registration & Light Breakfast
8:30  Opening and Welcome

SWAMC & Information Insights: Introduction
Givey Kochanowski: Update from DOE Office of Indian Energy
Jed Drolet: Update from the Alaska Energy Authority

9:00  Alaska Affordable Energy Strategy

Neil McMahon, Alaska Energy Authority

9:30  Break

9:40  Technical Advisor “Mixer” (for more details click “Continue reading” link)

12:00 Lunch (provided)

1:00   Southwest AK Energy Committee Meeting

Bruce Wright, Aleutian Pribilof Islands Association (APIA)
Stephanie Aikins, Bristol Bay Native Association (BBNA)
Tyler Kornelis, Kodiak Area Native Association (KANA)

3:15  End of Meeting

Technical Advisor “Mixer”

A “college fair”-style event, attendees at the Mixer will see technical experts and program managers grouped around the room at tables identifying their area of energy expertise or program/organization (see list below). Attendees are encouraged to come to this meeting prepared with an idea of who they want to talk to and a list of questions related to their community’s energy projects or energy needs.

Southwest AK Energy Committee Meeting

Community representatives at this combined Committee Meeting will all be from the Aleutian and Bristol Bay regions, as the Kodiak region communities meet on a separate schedule. This meeting is community members’ opportunity to share updates on their energy projects with the group and with the Regional Energy Coordinators.


Erin Whitney, Data Collection & Management Program Manager, ACEP
Dr. Brian Hirsch, Deerstone Consulting


Douglas Vaught, PE, V3 Energy
Josh Craft, Wind Program Manager, AEA


Daniel Hertrich, Hydro Program Manager, AEA


Chris Pike, Research Engineer, ACEP

Diesel Powerhouse & Microgrid Integration

Alan Fetters, Rural Assistance Manager, AEA
John Lyons, General Manager, TDX Power
Travis Hammond, Project Engineer Lead, TDX Power
Dennis Meiners, Intelligent Energy Systems

Bulk Fuel

David Lockard, Lead Engineer, AEA


Jeff Williams, PCE Program Manager, AEA

Biomass – Wood, Waste, and Biofuels

George Roe, Research Professor, ACEP
Peter Crimp, Crimp Energy Consulting

Heating Technologies

Dan Smith, Project Technician, AEA

Energy Efficiency

Jim Fowler, PE, CEM, Energy Audits of Alaska
Rebecca Garrett, EE in Public Buildings, AEA
Tim Leach, Energy Specialist, AHFC
Eric Havelock, Lending Officer, AHFC

Water Systems Efficiency

Eric Hanssen, Rural Energy Program Manager, ANTHC
Tashina Duttle, Project Manager, Rural Energy Initiative, ANTHC

Energy Programs

Jed Drolet, Energy Funding Resource Specialist, AEA
Neil McMahon, Energy Planning Manager, AEA
Jessie Huff, Business & Energy Programs Specialist, USDA
Tasha Deardorff, Community Facilities & Sanitation Program Director, USDA
Givey Kochanowski, DOE Office of Indian Energy, Alaska Policy and Programs
Thomas Wolf, Energy Program Manager, Denali Commission

Energy Business Development

Mike Catsi, Business Development & Communications Director, AIDEA

Gray Stassel Engineering

Steven J. Stassel, P.E.
Wynne Auld

Dowland-Bach Corp

Reed Christensen, President
Mel Lange, Business Development Manager

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