Energy Audits

Get Funding Towards Energy Efficiency Upgrades

Energy efficiency upgrades encompass a wide range of renovations: from light bulb and boilers change outs in small businesses to RSW upgrades in commercial fishing vessels. If you’re planning these already, we can help you get 25% of your money back through REAP. Otherwise, an energy audit can highlight energy efficiency upgrades and fixes that help you save. Southwest Alaska Municipal Conference (SWAMC) is offering low-cost energy audits and access to a US Department of Agriculture (USDA) energy efficiency improvement grant for small businesses in Bristol Bay. Small, for-profit businesses are eligible for the program including commercial fishing vessel owners and building owners – offices, warehouses, stores, restaurants, multi-family residences, hotels, and more. These audits can give you the information necessary to fill out a REAP grant that can cover up to 25% of your planned cost.

To register, fill out these forms below. To learn more about the program explore our site, email, or call program administrator Jamie Hansen at 907-450-2461.

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