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Building Energy Audits for Businesses

Southwest Alaska Municipal Conference is offering low-cost targeted energy audits and access to a USDA REAP improvement grant to business owners and operators in Alaska*. The energy audit can focus on the whole building or target problem areas such as heat loss due to inadequate insulation, high fuel use due to an old heating system, excessive electricity use from inefficient lighting or refrigeration system, and more. This program is for business owners looking to get a handle on their energy costs or businesses planning to upgrade and interested in tapping into the USDA REAP grant to cover future costs.

The cost of an audit depends on the size of the building and starts at $225. This investment can be recouped through energy savings and/or with the REAP grant covering 25% of upgrade costs (such as replacement of a boiler or adding insulation).

SWAMC manages this USDA-funded program with the support of partners Information Insights and Energy Audits of Alaska.

Description: The program offers targeted energy audits for buildings – Level 1 or Level 2 – with 60% to 75% discounts. See our post on fishing vessel audits for more on how commercial fishers can use the program.

Eligibility: Small businesses anywhere in Alaska, except the Municipality of Anchorage. This includes commercial fishing vessels, lodges, restaurants, warehouses, office buildings, multi-family residences, and more.

Registration: To register fill out the registration form online or complete the Commercial Building Energy Audit Registration Form and return via email.

Cost: Businesses must pay a portion of the audit cost. A reference schedule of costs is below. For specific quotes, please email

What Will an EA Cost Buildings









How do I use the audit? Retrofit your building! Apply for the USDA REAP grant, offered two times a year. It covers 25% of energy efficiency retrofits for small businesses. If the energy analysis of the building shows that replacement of heat pump, lighting, controls, boiler, etc. will provide energy savings, then a building owner will be eligible for the grant. For questions on other funding options, email or visit our funding resources page for more info.

Dates: The energy audit program is scheduled through 2019, with the possibility of extension. Businesses are encouraged to apply as soon as possible. There is no registration deadline. Instead, an audit trip is scheduled to a community once 2 or more businesses have signed up.

If you have a building you want audited, email to get your community on the list!

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*Does not include the Municipality of Anchorage.

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