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Energy Audits for Fishing Vessels

Southwest Alaska Municipal Conference is working with USDA and other partners to offer low-cost targeted energy audits to commercial fishing vessel owners in Southwest Alaska. We need your help to spread the word to get more vessel owners signed-up!

Gabe Dunham of Dillingham and Jim Fowler of Energy Audits of Alaska discuss refrigerated sea water systems. Photo: Jayne Bennett

Who is eligible?
Commercial fishing vessels (and other for-profit small businesses) in the Aleutians, Bristol Bay, and Kodiak. This means the vessel owner must be a small business and have a business license for the fishing operation.

What types of vessels should apply?
Any type of commercial vessel or purpose can be considered—e.g. seiner, longliner, gill netter, trawler, tender.

What is in a targeted energy audit?
Vessel audits are targeted to the owner’s goals. The energy auditor will ask the owner what systems are being considered for replacement or are of concern to the vessel owner. Audits can include assessments and cost savings from installing:

  • RSW – hydraulic or generator powered
  • Optimized and properly‐sized hydraulic system
  • LED lighting
  • Insulation in fish hold, and more

How much does an audit cost?
Vessel owners must pay a portion of the audit cost. A reference schedule of costs is below. For specific quotes, please email

How do I use the audit?
Retrofit your vessel! Apply for the USDA REAP grant, offered annually. It covers 25% of energy efficiency retrofits for small businesses. If the energy analysis of the vessel shows that replacement of equipment, motors, lighting, etc. will provide energy savings, then a vessel owner will be eligible for the grant. For questions on other funding options, email or visit our funding resources page for more info.

Registration: To register for an audit, fill out and send the  Commercial Fishing Vessel Energy Audit Registration Form to

Dates: The USDA program is scheduled through October of 2018, with the possibility of extension. Businesses are encouraged to apply as soon as possible. There is no registration deadline. Instead, an audit trip is scheduled to a community once 2 or more businesses have signed up.

Estimated Building Energy Audit Schedule

Unalaska – Week of October 22
Dillingham – TBD
Kodiak – TBD

If you have a fishing vessel you want audited in one of these communities or elsewhere in the Aleutians, Bristol Bay, and Kodiak region, email to get your community on the list!

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