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Energy Audits: First Step to Efficiency & Savings

What is an Energy Audit?

Non-residential building owners in Alaska can cut energy costs by an average of 30% by implementing energy efficiency upgrades. An energy audit evaluates a building’s energy use and recommends retrofits to improve the building’s energy efficiency. Efficiency retrofits often include LED lighting and lighting controls, programmable thermostats, hot water re-circulation timers, better building zoning, added insulation, etc. An energy audit report details a building’s energy use and prioritizes retrofits, showing cost, savings, and payback. There are two types of energy audits available through SWAMC’s Energy Efficiency Initiative – a “walkthrough” Level 1, or an “investment grade” Level 2. Contact to review an example of each audit level.

Level 1 Energy Audit

A Level 1 audit identifies no-cost and low-cost changes that can be made to save energy along with cost and savings estimates for those changes. It provides a basic analysis of higher-cost retrofits and will suggest additional evaluation of systems or equipment that appear to be large energy users.

Level 2 Energy Audit

A Level 2 audit provides all the benefits of a Level 1 audit, plus detailed cost and savings analysis for all identified energy efficiency measures. Building owners can use a Level 2 audit report to proceed directly into project implementation, taking it to a bank or other source for financing or funding.

SWAMC Energy Efficiency Initiative

SWAMC and the Southwest Alaska Energy Network have launched an energy efficiency initiative running through 2019. With our partners Information Insights and Energy Audits of Alaska, low-cost energy audits are available to small business owners in the Aleutians, Bristol Bay, and Kodiak regions.

Email with questions.

Who is eligible and how to register?

Small Businesses are eligible for the USDA-funded Commercial Building Energy Audit program.

For-profit small businesses in the Aleutians, Bristol Bay, and Kodiak regions may apply. This includes commercial fishing vessels, lodges, restaurants, warehouses, office buildings, multi-family residences, and more. The program offers energy audits – Level 1, Level 2, fishing vessel-specific, and custom (equipment- or system-specific such as a refrigeration system) – with 50% to 75% discounts.

Learn more about the audit program for Commercial Buildings.

Learn more about the audit program for Fishing Vessels.

Tribal/Municipal/Borough Governments, and Non-Profits – Coordinate with an auditor traveling to your community

Public- or non-profit owned buildings are not eligible for the USDA audit discount. However, any building owner in a community where an energy auditor is conducting audits through the USDA Commercial Building Energy Audit program should contact SWAMC if they are interested in receiving an audit. Ineligible building owners can still benefit by taking advantage of the energy auditor already being in their community (avoid paying travel costs!). Level 1, Level 2, and custom (equipment- or system-specific such as a refrigeration system) audits can be done at a cost negotiated with the auditor.

Learn more about the audit program for Public & Non-Profit Buildings.

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